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Our Mission: To assist our clients in utilizing online resources to expand their businesses by connecting with their customers.

At MadCityMedia our goal is to make you Social! We work hard to be your partner on all things related to online marketing of our company from Web Design/SEO to Social Media consulting or managed. We specialize in taking the fear our of Social Media and creating an understanding, process, and theory to the chaos. We understand that Social Media is all over the news, your Computer, and your phone. It seems overwhelming and hard to quantify the results needed to make this a consistent part of your digital marketing effort. At MadCity we work hard to break down the process, educate you on the methods, coach you through the initial phases, and be there with you along the way. We put our creative spark, attention to detail, and commitment to customer service into every project large or small. Virtually all of our cost effective and hard hitting services are provided in-house including:digital marketing

  • Digital Marketing Planning and Execution
  • Social Marketing Consulting
  • In-store Consumer Engagement Program
  • Ongoing Staff Training & Education
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Basic Business Web Sites with Social Network Integration & Basic SEO
  • Web Quality Videos

Our client roster is as diverse as our talents. We have experience in handling many clients based out of the Greater Seattle Regions and we are expanding to other markets throughout the US. Take a look MadCityMedia as your Small Business strategic digital marketing partner.

A few of our clients we are proud to serve.

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    Our Social Marketing Services

    We take the fear out of learning and using social media on a day to day basis. We help you connect to your clients and start a conversation that is on going and fun. At MadCityMedia we specialize on helping small business move into the Social Marketing world with a very simple but effective approach. Social Marketing

    “Entrepreneur magazine says that any business not using social media will be out of business in 5 years. We help businesses create unbelievable growth by expanding into the social media world using proven tactics to drive people to your business again and again!”

    What we do: Consulting, Managed, Enterprise (We have a solution for you!)

    • SocialBuzz Program: Teaches you or your staff how to maximize your engagement and effectiveness using all of the Social platforms.
    • Managed Social: We manage and continually update up to 3 platforms to ensure consistent presence, engagement and more.
    • Fully Managed Social: We manage and continually update your Social platforms, help create content, visual, video and print along with blog posting and more.
    • Enterprise Solution: This works with all aspects of your Digital Media from Webstie, SEO and Fully Managed Social.
    • Our product offering allows you to find a solution that fits your budget from the Teach you how to fish offering to the Soup to Nuts Solution, we have a program for you.
    • Call for complete outline of each product offering. You will be blown away!

    Social MarketingCall for your free Social Marketing Consultation. 877-673-8808!

    Sign Up Today and Get Results: CLICK Here

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    MadCityMedia is a full web design firm…

    We are a full web design firm focusing on Simple Clean and Socially Friendly Sites. We have helped all kinds of clients from Non-profits to City Sites to small Mom and Pop Specialty Stores. If you are looking for a great web site building experience that works into your budget, contact us today. We also have a free social overview program to take your already exciting site and give it the splash of Social Media that will help you connect with your customers. Whether you need to create a new site or design a custom site, look no further!

    Don’t wait the web is waiting for no one!

    Why Have a Website?

    The benefits of an effective website are best outlined after mentioning there are essentially 3 kinds of websites:

    1. A bad website
    2. A good website
    3. An effective website

    A bad website is easy to recognize. They are just flat out bad, and often ugly. They hurt your eyes, they have terrible navigation, and/or they are annoying, and they quickly send visitors away irritated, confused, or dizzy.

    A good website is the most common type, but harder to identify because it usually looks just like an effective website. A good website has what every website should have: professional appearance, sensible navigation, good content, etc. It is not difficult to create a good website, so most fall into this category. The problem is, good does not equal effective.

    An effective website is the kind with the most benefits. The primary difference between a good website and an effective one, besides profit, is that it anticipates the needs of the customer/visitor and meets those needs. Ironically, these are rare. Most websites try to “sell” rather than address the needs of the visitor. Effective websites require more planning and effort to create, but the rewards are worth it.

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    At MadCityMedia we have put together a cost effective way to put video content on your Digital Media pages. We provide a web quality video that tells your story, engages your clients and lets your prospective clients know a little more about you.

    Once the video is done you own it, you can share it – embed it on your website or e-mail it to prospective clients, it up to you.

    People remember 20% of what they read, 30% of what they see.

    So it only makes sense to have a great video that will allow them to read and see you in action.




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    SEO Services -SEOBuzz

    At MadCityMedia we offer you not only some of the best Social Media Marketing we can bring the whole online experience full circle with our State of the Art Search Engine Optimization (SEO) SEOBuzz program.SEO Services

    Statistics suggest that 90% of online buyers do not go beyond the first page of a search engine! Also 80% of all online sales begin with a search engine query!

    So, not being on the first page means you virtually invisible. Whats the point in having a website that cannot be found. In this virtual age, a sound optimization strategy is critical to your online success.
    We making digital marketing, a reality!
    With the SEOBuzz SEO services, your website will hit the top of all major search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. As your trusted SEO expert, SEOBuzz exposes you to the enormous and ever–growing Internet world.

    seo servicesWe help guide you and our SEO Services will easily become your sustainable business model providing a never-ending revenue stream. Through our on-page and off-page optimization techniques, we first make your website visible to the search engines. We then follow it up with our effective link building tactics ensuring that your website gets the first page ranking for your desired keywords.


    Our SEO services help you get:

    • Huge saving on cost per lead
    • Better visibility in search engines
    • More targeted traffic to your website
    • Higher number of qualified leads from your website

    It’s ‘easier said than done’!

    The world of search engines is full of surprises. Google and Bing constantly revamp their search algorithms to ensure better and fresh results. These changes dominate and influence website positions in the search results. The creative minds, at SEOBuzz, keep up to date with all the latest updates and refine our online marketing strategies accordingly. To us, sustaining your top search position rather than just getting you there is of the utmost importance. As your Search Engine Optimization company, we do not stop at bringing a wave of traffic to your website. Our sole objective is to create the perfect ROI!

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    What people are saying about MadCityMedia.

    Never thought this would work!

    I am impressed with how well the MadCityMedia system works and how affordable it is for a growing company like ours. I recommend them to all the people I meet. We had been putting money into advertising to no avail, but once we started using social media to showcase our remodels we had new clients within just a few weeks of posting.

    Great to work with, great job!

    Washington State Livestock Coalition

    I really enjoyed working with Kat on the website. She is very creative and responds really quickly to concerns and requests, she did a wonderful job incorporating our ideas into the website and making them a reality.

    And as a non profit, we really appreciate the more than reasonable cost, which was combined with an amount of work above and beyond what we could have expected.

    Thanks Kat & MadCity, you guys are the best!

    Innovative training to become a Massage Therapist

    Spectrum Logo

    MadCityMedia has taken Spectrum Center School of Massage to whole new levels, with increases in our business model across the board.
    What a ROCK STAR team to work with!!! From the initial evaluation through the technical set up the process has been seamless and productive. MadCityMedia's team is always available and quick to problem solve. As a school we appreciate instructors who are patient and kind when introducing new concepts The MadCity team exemplifies this to perfection. We Highly recommend these social media experts for any businesses interested in SUCCESS. We at Spectrum are looking forward to our continued relationship with MadCityMedia and we are excited to see the new opportunities that are generated from this valued relationship.

    Marketing with Confidence

    Paul Christensen Motor Company

    Dear MadCityMedia,

    We have known Laura Hansen for many years. We have had a business
    relationship in times past and we are excited to work with her again!

    At all times I have found Laura to have a great knowledge of social media
    and online advertising. She has excellent communication skills, she is very
    reliable, and a hard worker.

    With that in mind, I have had no experience in social medial and this is my
    first attempt at dealing with Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Foursquare.
    With Laura's assistance, patience, and training, I am able to market our
    company through MadCityMedia with confidence.

    Thank-you Laura!


    Indulge Salon and Spa

    You [MadCityMedia] have done more for me and my salon in the first 90 days then SuperMedia had done in 9 months.

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

    Sultan, Washington

    I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your help with everything, I do not know what I would have done if you were not available to me. So thank you, thank you, thank you.

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