Big Brands are using Social Media, Are You?

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Which Big Brands are we talking about?

Are you following Coca-Cola? Maybe Oreos are your favorite mid-day snack? Perhaps you drive a Honda so you follow them to find out current news? You know these big brands are all utilizing social media in their digital marketing campaign, but are you? As a small business owner, we often wonder where our money is best spent. In this article, we will explain why social media marketing is a great investment, even for the smallest company.

Advertising used to be…

In previous centuries, the advertising funnel looked like this:
Traditional Marketing
Giving out coupons for free stuff was the way to go then and was limited to your neighbors and, maybe, you put your coupon in the newspaper to reach others.
19th Century Coca-Cola coupon
Essentially, though, the traditional marketing funnel stayed the same for several centuries. You find prospective customers, let them know about your business, give incentive for them to convert to actual customers, then invite them back to keep them as repeat customers.

Enter the tech age…

Apple Ipad Tech age

When these things that were previously only seen on TV shows, like Star Trek, appeared, the scope of advertising changed completely! Still, we retain traditional marketing to increase our reach but the funnel itself has changed due to widespread computer, tablet, and smartphone use, as well as social media.

Digital Marketing changes the marketing funnel

Social Media Marketing
As you can see when comparing the two funnels, there is more effort in finding new customers with traditional marketing and more effort in retaining them in digital marketing. You can rest assured that there are customers looking for your business on Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yelp, etc. but how can they find you if you are not there? From the funnels, you can see that it is all about retaining good customers when it comes to social media. The great thing is that this type of marketing is in the early stages. Right now, you can achieve a much higher ROI using a much smaller budget which is why big brands are all over social media!

Being on Social Media VS Being Active on Social Media

We don't have a choice whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it.
What is it that the big brands do differently than most small businesses? They interact… true… but they also use social media as a customer service tool. Responding to your customers, whether it’s a negative or positive comment, is much more important than even the content you post! Remember, gaining repeat customers is where you want to spend most of your time with digital marketing. You want them to share your posts, retweet, and tell all their friends what a great business you have. If you can accomplish this, your business will be thriving in the years to come.
Here is another great article about big brands from an investor standpoint: How Social Media Marketing Is Changing the Way Big Brands Advertise

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