Are you Social Media Savvy?

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Social Media Savvy

Maybe you think you’ve mastered the basics but then…

You talked with your teenaged nephew and he started talking a language you could hardly understand! Teens are great for bouncing off social media ideas and can actually help you become more social media savvy!

If you don’t have a teen to work with, here are a few helpful tips:

1. Know what content your target audience will love and use it wisely. One way to find great content is to see what is trending. Most teens can tell you some popular hashtags, topics, and products but there are some programs out there to help as well. One site we use is This can be a valuable tool to find what others are talking about.

2. Know the lingo! You may know that you can Tweet to your Followers on Twitter and you Post Status Updates to your Fans on Facebook, but there is a lot more to know! Constant Contact has compiled a great list of definitions here: Social Media Glossary

3. Know how to produce Fun, Engaging, and Relevant content. All you need to do is pay attention to what the most popular companies are doing and think outside the box. A great way to engage your fans is by posting a cute photo and ask your audience to tag their friends! Post Planner has a great tool for discovering great content here: Status Ideas Engine.

4. Know how many of your fans/followers you are actually reaching. It’s standard that on Facebook, only about 10% of your fans actually see your content. That means the chances of them seeing too much from you is very slim. In fact, you can even repeat posts each month without worrying about bugging your fans. The same can be said for other social media because not everyone will catch your content amongst the tons of info out there that they see each day. We advise our clients to post more rather than less and to at least be consistent!

Remember, people are on Social Media to be social, not to see your advertisements. If you provide fun, engaging, and relevant content, your fans will continue to engage with your company/brand.

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