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Our Social Marketing Services

We take the fear out of learning and using social media on a day to day basis. We help you connect to your clients and start a conversation that is on going and fun. At MadCityMedia we specialize on helping small business move into the Social Marketing world with a very simple but effective approach.

Entrepreneur magazine says that any business not using social media will be out of business in 5 years. We help businesses create unbelievable growth by expanding into the social media world using proven tactics to drive people to your business again and again!

What we do: Consulting, Managed, Enterprise (We have a solution for you!)

  • SocialBuzz Program: Teaches you or your staff how to maximize your engagement and effectiveness using all of the Social platforms.
  • Managed Social: We manage and continually update up to 3 platforms to ensure consistent presence, engagement and more.
  • Fully Managed Social: We manage and continually update your Social platforms, help create content, visual, video and print along with blog posting and more.
  • Enterprise Solution: This works with all aspects of your Digital Media from Website, SEO and Fully Managed Social.

Our product offering allows you to find a solution that fits your budget from the Teach you how to fish offering to the Soup to Nuts Solution, we have a program for you.

Call for complete outline of each product offering.

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